Tuesday, August 25, 2009

UPDATE ... PAC's will be back soon :))

6:30 Server Time: The PAC's are back up. Not sure how the Admins are going to handle the downtime issue. But we'll receive an email from them tonight or tomorrow. That's all I know for now. Night :))


My two favorite PAC sites are down right now. Seems they've been "overloaded" since last night. That's OK. I'll go take a shower and run to the store. Maybe they'll be back up when I return.
Then I read this note from EL:

No, we are not under a DDoS attack. We had asked our Hosting if we could move to a dedicated server, they probably thought it best to order the server fast rather than increase our bandwith- that was the last update on our ticket.
Shouldn't be long before we have a response. We'll wait a bit and call them."

Since then the decision was made to move the sites to a dedicated server. So we could be back to normal in about 24 hours ... assuming it will propagate that quickly of course. Hang in there :))


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