Monday, August 31, 2009

Brand New Profit Share Program

I just now, right this minute, joined this brand new profit share program.
With all the problems and uncertainty about that "other" profit share biting the dust, this one could take off like a rocket!
And I do see some promoters jumping on this one. So up to you. As I mentioned I just joined and am reading all the info about it.


Join from the above link if you wish.
Or from the banner below. Plse be sure it says "blondie".
Thanks in advance :))

Their first Welcome Letter Update is posted below.
Scroll down ..... down down down.


Sorry for not talking this weekend. I tried a couple of times but seemed to get distracted or upset or just couldn't think of what to say. You know what I mean? Some things are better left unsaid.


Just for the record, the two PAC's I'm in are doing just fine. The 12 x 12 continues to grow and pay. And the Revenue Share (although at it's lowest %) is still a nice chunk of earnings every week. So I'm happy with both of them right now. Links on the right ;)


From AdShares4U:


Hello Adshares4u Members,

Firstly, we want to welcome all our members to It\'s Amazing how the things are going. Over 540 members in 4hrs into prelaunch! Adshares4u is making history and you are part of it. We really do appreciate your membership and we promise on working hard to ensure the long term success of this stunning home business opportunity.

Earlier today, we had some initial glitches on activation email but all is fine now and our programmers have automatically activated everyone. So if you had this problem, you may now login into your account and claim ad shares as you can afford to. Each Ad share cost just $1.00. Minimum Ad share purchase is $10 and maximum per account is $6,000.

At this moment, we are flooded with several support emails. We are working on them already. It might take until tomorrow to deal with all of these support request, so please bear with us. For those of you who are new to Revshare programs, we have a link that explains how our site works. You can find it here:

Our revshare program is unique and different from all the other Rev share programs. we have develop a system that tremendiously REWARDS members for responsible advertising of We pay up to 25% in referral commission from the 80% revenue pool. Admins keep the remaining 20% for admin profit, external investments and administration of ASD4U.

For those of you who want to get started sharing in the revenue our site produce, you can get started with a minimum $10 ad shares which cost just $10.00 Here is your referral link to refer others who wish to take part in this stupendious opportunity: But remember, as an upgraded member you earn much more than a free member. While free members will earn a one time 10% on their direct referral ad shares purchases, an upgraded members will earn 25% of all adshares purchased 5 levels deep.

More information on the Payplan link above. One more time, I want to extend my BIG hand of friendship to all of you who have joined Adshares4u on our first day into prelaunch.

Full launch starts tomorrow the 1st of September.

Thanks, Giuseppe and Juliet


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