Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How Freaky Is This?

It was light enough to the naked eye to take a pic last night. But as you can see, the dang flash just had to go off anyway.

If you look closely, that is my new coyote friend standing there waiting for me to fill his food bowl. He's learned what time I come out and is usually the first to get a bite. He had dog food and tuna casserole last night. Better than eating the cats and rabbits eh?


Did my daily routine in PAC-Revenue-Share just now. Was happy to see the daily profit share up more than 2% since the previous day :)
They are also doing a "Bring-a-Friend" Drive starting later today. The referral commissions will be raised until the first of Sept. Also starting Sept, the minimum first deposit will be $100 (currently $50) So if you have friends that were thinking about joining, no time like the present. Or as soon as the "Drive" is officially announced.
PS, don't forget about the min. $25 membership fee which is good for 3 months.


Seems weird checking PACforAll and seeing that I made my 12% daily withOUT having to surf for it, LOL
Hey, the program is off to a great start and I noticed some of my friends leading in the referral contest. Maybe I should sick my Coyote on those guys and show em who's boss! haha, kidding.
Just know that I appreciate every one of you :)


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