Monday, August 17, 2009

All for One and One for All :)

Let's talk about the new PACforAll for a minute, shall we? (kind of hard to talk to myself sometimes, but I'll do my best :)

PACforAll launched yesterday.
It's a 12% x 12 days NO Surf program.
Run by the known and trusted Admins, Kazzy and EL
Takes the regular pay processors (AP, STP, ST, LR and PM)
There are NO fees
The withdraw button will be available on Fridays for 24 hours
Payouts are once per week, on Saturdays
So plan accordingly :)

Well you know what?
You can read all the above in the FAQs.

I know I usually shy away from a 12 x 12 site, for numerous reasons. Unknown Admin (or known scammer admin), too many failures of copy cats in the past, not enough members to make it past the first 12 days, etc.

So after taking about 5 minutes to consider the pros and cons, I plopped my money in this one! And with the "ladies" running it, I have already seen a lot of promotion and support in the forums and blogs. So that's a good sign.

Of course I was concerned about them starting up this new one when they already have two running. But the PAC summer special can't last forever and the PAC-Revenue-Share is doing just fine. So why NOT get into another and try to make the most of it, right? right!

Someone asked me for some detail yesterday, so here it goes:
- first, clear your browser cache and cookies (else you'll not be my referral)
- Register (preferably using gmail)
- under Members Menu - Deposit (3$ min) (money will go to your wallet)
- once in your wallet, click on Make an Investment
You'll be notified that you've purchased a Plan and you can watch it grow day-by-day in your members for the next 12 days.

Just don't forget (and I can't express this enough) ... this is a game and only a game. Play as you would at the Casino with your gambling money (ka-ching). When you win, Whoo Hooo! If you lose, no crying.
Even though I'm playing with the utmost confidence, I am not playing with my rent money or cat food money ... and you shouldn't either.

Alrighty then, let's go have fun and make a few bucks!
Oh and don't forget to share with others.
The referral commissions are icing on the cake!

Wow. Check these first day stats:

At this exact moment we have 623 members and 400 are active! Total Deposited is over 55K. The favoured PPs are STP and AP, once again as with our sister sites almost EXACTLY on par with each other.

Thanks for the update Kazzy and EL :)
I hope it keeps growing that way!


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