Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Exciting New Matrix!

MyAdsClub just now launched!

I haven't been interested in matrices lately, but this one I believe will be different. Why? Because of who's running it and who's going to be playing it in.

Due to lack of time (and yeah, a little laziness too) I'm going to copy something I read from my sponsors sponsor. And I'm sure he won't mind one bit :P

This is a 5 x 4 matrix that pays 1600$ monthly when filled. There will be some great advertising that you will receive and there will also be a downline builder...a place to get free surf credits for popular surfs, a splash page builder and much more.

But of course we want the money right? lol

The cost is 10$ monthly to join and for each personally sponsored member you get 4$. For every indirect person in your matrix you receive 2$. All of these amounts are residually recurring each month.

Oh and did i mention that the matrix is forced? which means the first ones in will reap the benefits.

Currently accepting Liberty Reserve and Alert Pay only.
NO sponsoring requirement whatsoever.

When you click: "Join Us" you should see my name as your sponsor, unless my first line is filled. Once filled, it may show someone else as your sponsor. And that's all fine. We're building the matrix, ok? One big team and we're all in this together. So have fun and good luck!

And here's the thread for the site at MMG, if you'd like to stop by and meet Patrick, the Admin.



PS, thank goodness summer is about over.
I'm seeing a lot of good programs pop up now so am hoping this is just the beginning :)


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