Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Feeling better today :) I'll be around as long as my laptop holds up.


OK, decided to tone this comment down from the original one I wrote. haha

Progress IS being made on the PAC sites. Maybe they'll be up and running later on today. I don't know yet.
We have been asked NOT TO go there and do anything UNTIL we have the official word from the Admins. So just relax, take a chill pill and stay cool.

8:00 PM MST Update: Looks like everybody and their brother can now get into PAC-RS. But I still can't for some strange reason. I've been given a few different methods to try to get in, but none of them work. So I'll keep trying until I have to "call it a night" and will check again tomorrow. Am happy to see a lot of you got in OK and got your surfing and upgrades done :))


Note from Gilbert re: SurfingLegacy ...
Dear blondie,
I would like to ask everyone who has an active upgrade to please log into their accounts to activate the auto-pending of the upgrades that I have manually expired.
Once those upgrades have gone to pending the next step is to place them in 'waiting' status to be gradually paid out over time.
This process has to be manually done but I will keep updating everyone of the progress.


Here's a good SCAM Alert!


This is interesting ... email subject line was: E-Cash for Clunkers (those in the USA know the term) Thanks Louis for sending it on. On and I don't know if it's real or not. Wanted to share .. just in case, haha

This is very important that you watch the video at the bottom. This is not a joke.

DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GO ON THE "CASH FOR CLUNKERS" WEBSITE, CARS.GOV, FOR ANY REASON! Even to just see how much you could get for your car! After you get to the "Terms" page, and hit "I Accept" the next screen you get will inform you that you just gave the Federal Government the right to access information on your computer, because by using this site your computer's data just became federal property! Agencies included are DOT, IRS, DMV's, DHHS, FDA, Homeland Security and others. YOU DO NOT FIND OUT THAT YOU GRANTED THEM PERMISSION UNTIL AFTER YOU CLICK "I ACCEPT!"

Glenn Beck demonstrated this on his show, using a totally empty Laptop,
that wasn't connected to his or any FOX News computer network, by having
the camera shoot over his shoulder as he hit "I Accept." I couldn't
believe my eyes. Big Brother is really here!

Watch the video where Beck does this.....


madcat said...

Not true. Another example of Fox News going nuts.


john said...

Blondie, the issue discussed about Cash for Clunkers is totally absolutely false. Just another example that you cannot believe anything on FOX< with their fearmongering. John

blondie said...

Thanks madcat and John,
At least it was a good conversation piece for the day :)
Good Day!