Sunday, August 16, 2009


Just launched (which bothers me a little cause I'm busy with off-line stuff!)
Looks like the girls had something else up their sleeve. Well I did join and am reading all the info now. If you've already been shown their site, please clear your cookies before joining (if you want to join under me, that is). Else I'll lose you. And I don't wanna lose anybody :))


And LOOK, it's a no-surf! How much easier could that be?


While waiting for my (our) PacRS accounts to be fixed, thought we'd enjoy a cartoon and song.
There have been some problems the last few days with some of the PacRS accounts but they are working on them now.
NO Rebates were given last night. Yet another glitch added to their list.
This will all be over soon and things will be running smoothly again.
*Right after I posted the above, I see yesterdays Rebate showing now :) YaY!


js said...

Apparently the Beatles, like other groups at that time, took a lot of drugs, shrooms, LSD, and so on.

Hence the imagery and words.


blondie said...

Oh yes, I'm sure they were high as a kite quite often.
That clip was from the movie "Yellow Submarine", if you didn't know that already.
Thanks :)