Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Can't Stay Long Today ...

It's actually a beautiful day and I need to do more shopping.

I love my new vacuum cleaner! Did the whole house yesterday so it's looking good now. (well, as good as my old carpet can look anyway)


10DollarsWonder is still going great. Along with re-purchasing, I put in for a withdrawal request yesterday and got PAID Today! Nice $250 will help with my Christmas expenses. Thanks Admin!
And you FREE members out there, remember that you can "Buy Now - Pay Later" and get in on the Trial offer and see what it's all about!


e2ePay re-launch is 1 week from Today!
I'm pretty sure this one is going to be even better than 10dw. At least in the beginning. Then they will both taper off with a nice steady income stream.
I am definitely saving up for this relaunch. And you should too.


Just 2 days into the new FastProfitPro and I'm getting my 20% Daily like clockwork.


SandellandPartners - still getting the glitches out of the new site and it's coming along great. In the meantime, my spends are earning 2% per day and compounding 100%. It add's up fast :))


Been doing my surfing at SurfMargin and earning 5% daily as of late. My original spend went to pending on Dec. 8th. Now, the FAQ's read that those are paid within 7 business days. If I can count, shouldn't that have been yesterday? Well, I won't panic and hope to see it today. ya think?


That's all for now.
Only had time for a quick update.
You all enjoy your Wednesday Hump Day and I'll see you soon :)



Chuck said...

Did you get a Dyson?


blondie said...

No, I sure didn't.
Felt guilty spending money on myself this time of year.
Maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

A Dyson aye?? I've bought cars
that where cheaper than that little
wonder unit.

Hey Judy, just checkin on ya.

Aloooo ha :)

blondie said...

That's funny :)

I bought a giant Ford LTD Station Wagon once for $400. It lasted longer than any of my vacuum cleaners!
What a monster that thing was.
And it's name was "Big Ugly" haha