Thursday, December 6, 2007


Was up at 5 a.m. today ... yawnnnnnnnn


Just completed my surfing at SurfMargin and happy to report that todays profit share was 12% plus I got an additional $2 bonus for surfing more than 10 sites! So far, so good :) I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes.


You have less than 2 days left to decide if you want a share in the Profit Pool of Michael Badger's new service when it launches. You may earn money as a free member if the new service is profitable enough. And I'm pretty darn sure you WILL earn money if you're an upgraded (paid) member when the service launches.
There's more detail in yesterdays post so I won't repeat myself here. I do have several referrals that are currently at free status. So don't wait too long, or it will be too late :( ok?


Remember Brownie the Mouse?
Well the Cat was right!
I just fed Brownie II, or Brownies Buddy or (hopefully not) Brownies offspring. Let's see is a little cooked chicken can get him into that nice warm house I've set up for him (as I patiently wait to hear the cell door slam shut). a-ha


Speaking of me ...

Blondes have more fun! What?
Not when their hair is 4 feet long and the vacuum cleaner decides to poop-out due to overload.

So I took it all apart, cut and pulled all of the hair out of the roller thingie, put it all back together, but the roller thingie still wouldn't roll. Now what?

Being the brilliant blonde that I am, I thought putting a little household 'motor oil' in the roller would do the trick. Now, the dang roller is banging and clanging so much that I'm afraid it'll start on fire if I run it.
Anyone have a suggestion? or is it just time for yet 'another' new vacuum cleaner? Yeah, I go through a lot of them. Maybe I should get a hair cut eh?


Enjoy your day,


littlebig1 said...


Blondie, check this

They are the bests ever.
I promise.


Chuck said...

I second that recommendation. Had one for over a year and it is without a doubt the best.


blondie said...

Thanks guys for the suggestions.
Those Dyson's are a little pricey though.
I saw they had a new one out. A light weight one, right?
I might have to check it more after I make tons of money in e2ePay next week :))
In the meantime, I vacuuming with a dust buster. Owie on the back. haha
See you