Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Lot of Updates Today and More Just Added

Helpful hint before you read more ... (added at 12:45 pm mst)

If you've recently joined 10dollarswonder or e2ePay and did NOT receive your activation email ... just go to Member Login and enter the Username and Password that you selected when you joined. You should be able to log right in!
(thought I'd better say something since I have gotten a few new referrals today and I am aware of that problem) Thanks :)


Good Morning,

Let's start with 10DollarsWonder!
I received a whopping 163 emails during the last 24 hours telling me that I've CYCLED! WhooHoooo! This program is not slowing down at all. Just the opposite. Still picking up speed and going strong!
A new referral of mine bought her first few positions yesterday and was "tickled pink" this morning to see that she had already earned $10.00.
So are you in? No? Why not? Easiest Christmas money I ever made :))


Don't forget something similar (I think) will happen at e2ePay ONE WEEK from Today. Yes, 10dw and e2ePay have the same honest Admin, so no worries of being scammed or misled. Join for FREE and watch your email for the 12/12 re-launch. If this is anywhere close to what's happening at 10dw, we should all be in for a real treat.


Just read that is closing his doors to new profit sharing members this Saturday. If you've joined for free, this is your last chance to upgrade to premium status and be eligible for all the benefits he has to offer. If you haven't joined yet ... you best Hurry and get in before it's too late!
Here's a portion of the email I received:

Closing Our Doors!

As I said all along, joining in the profit sharing was
going to be limited to only a certain number of people.

Well, the time has come to stop taking new members. I
don't want the number of people to get so big that I won't
be able to make good on the promises I have made to you.

So, on Saturday, December 8th people will no longer be
able to join the profit share pool. Make sure to let
anyone who has been "on the fence" about joining us know
that there is now a specific deadline to join Michael
Badger, and that deadline is midnight, Eastern time, on
December 7, 2007.

I may decide to open the profit share again for a short
time just before the launch of the new service that you
will be sharing profits from. This would be to benefit
all of us because it will drum up excitement and interest
for the launch of the service. However, the price to get
the Premium Member Upgrade will be raised at that time.
If you are a Premium Member now, you have gotten in and
secured your spot at the lowest price it will ever be
offered at!

Last Chance to Upgrade at the Current Price

Along with shutting down entry into the profit sharing
pool after Friday, the price to upgrade to Premium
membership will be increasing that day as well.

If you have still not yet bought the Premium membership
package, this week is your last chance to upgrade at the
$37 price. Premium membership will never again be offered
for $37.

As a reminder, here is what you get when you upgrade:

1. $5 off your monthly Pro membership to the new service
once it is launched if you decide to join
2. Easy Organizer Plus Software
3. Quick Cash Secrets Ebook
4. eWriter Pro Software (to help you easily create PDF
ebooks and articles)
5. A report on How to Rewrite Articles for $20 per hour.
6. A report on How to Earn Some Money Fast to Build Your
7. Million Dollar Copy Writing Secrets
8. Ongoing Premium Member bonuses, to be announced

The $37 price is still currently available in the members
area. Just login to your account at and click on upgrade to
find it.

The price to upgrade will be increased on Friday December
7, 2007 at midnight Eastern time.

If you think you are interested in the Premium member
package, I would suggest you go and grab it right now.
That way you won't forget and miss out on this lower price."

So there you have it :))


I need to surf. I'll be right back


Just completed my surfing in SurfMargin and received the nice chunk of 14% profit for surfing 10 sites AND an additional $2.00 Bonus while surfing sites 11-29! That Rocks! I think I'm really going to like this program!

And I met my sponsor, Nina who lives in Germany. What a nice lady she is! It's days like this that really make me appreciate the internet, what we can do here, and who we can meet. Yeah, I feel pretty good right now ;)


Oh and js, I just took my L-Glutamine. I get a feeling I'm going to need some extra strength today. har!

My cat is still staring at the cupboard. Does he NOT realize that I caught the mouse? Or is he trying to tell me there are more?? a-oh


HermitJim said...

Blondie, I just had to say how much I enjoy reading your blog each day. I have always recieved good info from both you and J.S. and am a avid (well, almost!) follower of you both. Glad you caught "Brownie" before the cats! Have a good day!

blondie said...

Well bless your cotton pickin little heart Jim :)
Appreciate all the readers I can get!

Oh and I think I have a Brownie II. Wonder how many others are living the life of luxury under my sink? I'll post more on that tomorrow :D