Friday, December 7, 2007


Good Morning!


Just completed my surfing at SurfMargin and was paid a nice 11% profit share today. When I got the '$2 Bonus' notification, it wouldn't click through so I've sent in a support ticket about that. This is the first time I've contacted support so it will be nice to see how responsive they are. Will let you know.


Last Chance to get into Michael Badger's new service when it opens!!! Michael says:


I want to give you a free monthly income.

Yes, I mean you can EARN FREE MONEY!

We will be closing our doors to new members at midnight on December 7, 2007 (eastern time)
This is your last chance to join us before we close the doors!


I lied about not mentioning this again. BPP removed the new 'qualifications' they started yesterday. So is it back to normal? I think so. Yet I still need to figure out how to make my money back :))


Was happy to delete over 200 emails from 10DollarsWonder today that said: Congratulations! You've Cycled!
Over 200 in 1 day !

And that wasn't even a record day for me. Hope you all are playing and enjoying this as much as I am.


Which brings me to e2ePay and the fact that I'm really starting to get excited about it! Re-Launch date is getting closer, only 5 more days!

Remember the site will be down for 2 days prior to re-launch. So you might consider getting signed-up ahead of time so that you're ready on Wed the 12th.

Remember if you don't receive your activation email, just go ahead to the member login, and login. It's that easy ;)


Need to do some Christmas shopping online. Hope I haven't waited too long. A-oh. Wish me Luck!


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