Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Scams, Snow and more ...

Good Morning Everyone,

I heard there's a new Scam in town. Run by Phil Piccolo no less. Anyone remember him? If you don't know him, you're better off. The name of the program is called DubaiMLM, and I thank Gene for alerting me!

I am not going to clutter my page here with Phil's crap, so will place more info in the comments section. Feel free to click there to learn more.


Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow
Expecting 3-4 inches of more snow today.
I will NOT be going out anytime soon.
(well, except to shovel, maybe, we'll see)


Just when we thought Jimmy at SandellandPartners threw in the towel, he changed his mind and is coming back in full force. He's in the process of updating our deposit and interest info, has hired staff to moderate his forum, and will hire someone to go through the database of members to get it all straightened out. Nice Jimmy :)) Will be fun to get back into the swing of things. Giddy Up!


What fun it was to check my email and see Another 200+ "You've Cycled" notes from 10DollarsWonder. Oh and did you notice there is a new Banner available? Go see. It's in the member area.


e2ePay re-launch will be Dec 26th at 5:00 PM EST, USA. Very cool! Plus I've noticed some folks are already buying or repurchasing positions. I suppose they're getting ready to 'catch' those commissions as soon as they can. Not a bad idea, you know? I might have to do the same.


The SurfMargin surfing program is still going very well. Expecting my 'payout' in a few more days. Despite what's in the FAQ's, payouts are sent automatically after 7 days. He has discontinued the 'fast payout for a fee' but hasn't removed it from the site yet. ok? ok.


Guess that's all for now.
Which means I should grab a snow shovel and get my butt moving.

PS: one more thing that I hesitated mentioning, but think I should.
I appreciate ALL of my readers. I really really do!
If you have something that you'd like to promote to me, please send an email to blondiejudy@gmail.com, rather than posting it here in my blog.
Please? Thanks :)

Luv you guys!
Talk to you later,


blondie said...

Re Phil Piccolo and his crap.
Here's the note I received from Gene last night :)

"Greetings Everyone,We are starting to see messages about a new program calledDubaiMLM. The subjects of these messages are....
"Get Paid To Join"
"Join For Free - Imagine A Group Willing To Give Away 1.1 Billion Dollars To Be # 1"
Once again we have a few folks promoting a program without a clue as to what the program is all about and/or who is running the program.

A fellow networker did a whois search and determined that none other than Phil Piccolo has reappeared with yet another load of crap. I'm surprised he is using his real name. He must think we all have very short memories.Don't know who Phil Piccolo is?You can find out very quickly by doing a google search.You will his name prominently displayed at the very top as follows...------

The Truth On Phil Piccolo
Phil Piccolo is an internet marketer who has been involved in many different MLM ventures, most of which have proven to be questionable in their morals, ethics, or integrity. These include MLM Bank, aaTCM.com, OneSource, Magic Shower, PowerHealth, PrivatePage, Travelogia.com, ReferEveryone.com and many others. Phil Piccolo has been referred to as "The Man You Can't Trust" for his alleged tendency to start up companies, take people's money and then run. It has also been alledged that Phil Piccolo has begun businesses under the aliases of Johnny D'Angelo, Felix Angelo, Joseph Stevens and Jim Spellacy. According to my inside sources, Phil Piccolo engages in recruitment tactics that are very sleazy and has been know to induldge in questionable MLM pyramid schemes.

There have also been complaints from people who have tried to get a refund from Phil Piccolo that he was not only rude in his communications with them, but also threatened them. Phil Piccolo has also been at odds with many other internet marketers, well-known MLM representatives and reviewers. It would appear that the vast majority of people who have signed up with Phil Piccolo in any of his various opportunities have lost money promoting products that are at best useless and at worst don't even exist.
You have been advised about another program that you should avoid like the plague.K"

js said...

Blondie? js here. Am out of Pickles. What should I do?

blondie said...

I could check my veggie garden, except it's frozen over at the moment. Might find some old cucumbers that could be picklish by now :D
I'll fax em right over to you js.