Monday, December 10, 2007

Blessings to Colorado Families

I can't bring myself to say much about the recent shootings at Churches here in Colorado. One of them happened very close to where I live.

My Heartfelt Thoughts and Prayers go to the Victims and their Families.

What a sad time of year to lose a loved one. How painful it must be.

We must always remember to be thankful for as much or as little as we have, as there is always someone else who is less fortunate.

May Peace Be With You Always.


Snow snow and more snow!
We've had snow and cold weather for 3 days now. The nighttime temp was 18 F, that's -7 C for you Canadians. I just heard another 3-4" of snow is coming my way.
Guess it's Snowman Time in the Rockies!


The re-launch of e2ePay will be postponed
(which is a bummer since I've had dreams about that 12/12 date). Well maybe PowerBall will come through for me this Wed.

In any case, Admin will place a Countdown Clock on the site and once he does that, he said "No more delays". So we've got a week and a half (or more) to get ready. I'm ready. Are you?

UPDATE: I heard the launch will be on Dec. 26th, the day after Christmas. Good timing as the "rush" will be over for some. Plus the fact that 10dollarswonder launched on the 26th of Dec. 2006 and did extremely well ! I can vouch for that!


Speaking of 10DollarsWonder, yesterday was a bit slow. Today however is kicking butt once again. Have received almost 150 'you have cycled' emails in the last 4-1/2 hours. Now that is based on quite a few positions. If you're building, keep building. The more positions, the more cycles. You see?


The kids (children not goats) stopped by yesterday and brought Lou Dog. She has a toy here from Halloween that is a stuffed Witch. Lou is a puppy. And puppies like to tear into things. So the stuffing from the witch is ALL OVER my carpet. And ME with NO Vacuum. (deep breath) Guess I need to get my butt in gear and buy a new one, eh? At least before the Holiday's. I like to shop about as much as some men do.



js said...

Some of us Canadians will correct you on that temperature. It's actually -7.78 Celcius, not -7. Guess you use d the formula I gave you, rather than the exact one.

No biggie. That's still pretty darn cold!


blondie said...

Damn it js

Yes, it said -7.77 on my calculator. I forgot, ok?

Thought what I said was enough.

Guess not, and yes, it IS pretty darn cold.

Luv and kisses to everyone reading these funny and informing comments!


Gene said...

Cold, man that be a heat wave.  Wow. Well we made it up to +5C today and nice and sunny in Victoria, BC.But hey it was a great day.Cheers,Gene  Is Your Motor Running Hot Auto Blog!  

HermitJim said...

Ya'll are making me feel guilty here in Texas, where it's been in the 80's for 2 days now. Maybe I could send some of this sunshine your way! Always glad to share!

The hermit

littlebig1 said...

Hi Blondie,

Thanks for infos on 10dollarswonder, i still have a dry alertpay but i will think about it ; in case you may be interested here is one i am in that is working really well and not slow:

Best regards

blondie said...

Hey hermitjim,
You can send some of that sunshine here any time now.
Cold and snowing today and some lady even ended up in a river. They rescued her and she's fine.
There are accidents all over the place today though, Tues.
Guess I'll postpone my shopping till tomorrow :)
Stay Warm,