Monday, December 3, 2007

$3.99 Report - Surfing - and My Freaky Experience!

I've updated my freaky experience below. Just now at 7:30 pm MST, USA.
Comments are very welcome. What is wrong with me?


Thought my surf days were over, but maybe not :))
Just signed up to a Surf Site that has been around almost a year! That's a long frickin time for a surf site. It's called: SurfMargin. I just joined, upgraded and surfed my required 10 sites. It was a "piece of cake" and already there is some nice money in my account. 15% actually. I earned the Max Today!
Check it out. I'm still reading about it but wanted to let you know ASAP! Thanks and I'll update more on it later, or tomorrow. I promise.
A bit from the FAQ's:

How much can I make viewing ads?

Your daily bonus percentage is always based on the previous days ad pack purchases. The daily bonus credited to your account balance will fluctuate every day until you have made your target 136% of your Ad Pack purchase. The daily bonus percentage has never fallen below 5% but depending upon the previous days ad pack sales could be as high as 15%"


I've heard this is a very Good Report and have just purchased it myself. Heck for $3.99 how can you go wrong? Easy to buy through PayPal. One suggestion: I had problems trying to purchase through an aol browser. Used FireFox with ease. Enjoy :)


Remember Brownie the Mouse from my last post?
He's been around here for about 2 weeks and TODAY he couldn't resist a piece of Pizza Hut sausage. So Finally Brownie's been Caught! Whoo Hoooo!
He looked really happy when I opened his cell door and released him into the farmland behind my house. He ran like a little mouse running from a cat. (Noooo, I kept the cats inside. He needed a head start and a chance to find shelter.) So Good Luck to Brownie :)


Something strange has been happening to me lately and I haven't decided if I should share it or not. Some of you might give me an answer or idea that I don't want to hear so ... I'm going to give this more thought before I tell you what's been going on, ok? And yeah, it's kind of freakish.

Ok, here it goes.
I have been dreaming nearly every night. Most times about work here on the internet. Then something in my dream frightens me ... and I wake up.
When I look at the clock ... it's 12:12 A.M.
12:12 A.M.
Why? What is going on?
Is something going to happen on 12/12/07 or at 12:12 am or pm on some given day? What's up with that? Am I dying? Will I win the Lottery? I can't figure out what this Time is trying to tell me. Anyone have any ideas???




micronuts said...

It has to do with you making progress Spiritually... so that's why you notice that... it's some kind of Gate opening to you, spiritually, or psychically, probably the latter.. So now the gates are 12:12

You can google Solara and 11:11 and read more on that.

So you may even start to notice 12:12 everywhere in various forms.

Like street crossings

They could also be in Roman numerals, or some other.

Like highway 12 crossing some odd street starting with 12

It's actually all good, a good sign.

So pay attention. Many folks who are into the New Agem movement will recognize this and what am saying about it.

Do not fear.

Just continue with your journey.


Anonymous said...

Hi Blondie,

You know i come from a far away country and we may not have the same culture as yours. Overhere, we call it an alarm-clock. It rings anydays at the same hour to wake you up, but if you change the alarm setting you will discover you can wake up at any time you like ! It's great ! Though, some of us discovered when using it to much, like being addicted to use it everyday, they happen to not hear it anymore and wake up hours later. So be careful and use it carefully.

Best regards

blondie said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

Littlebig1, no .. it has nothing to do with an alarm clock. My clock is set for 5:00 AM and yes I am used to it going off every day.

For some strange reason, as mentioned, something has been waking me up at exactly 12:12 AM. Long before the clock goes off.

I am hoping 1212 means something good. Like I will win money on 12/12, or have some good news on that day. If not a day, maybe 1212 will be a good number in some other way.

Very happy to hear from you both.