Saturday, December 8, 2007

Can You Dig It? Yes I Can!

"Saturday In the Park
I think it was the 4th of July"

Well, it doesn't look like the 4th of July here. Cold weather and snow on the ground from an overnight dump. I heard the Colorado mountains got a nice foot of snow which means skiing will be great today. I'll just stay here where it's nice and cozy :)


Michael Badger
did in fact close the doors to new members last night. You can still sign up and be on the 'notification list' when and if he decides to accept new members in the Spring of 2008. So put your name in and get notified! Doesn't cost a thing!


Jimmy Sandell of SandellandPartners is giving up. He said there were too many problems with the site and the payment processors ... and that his brain hurts. (giggle) But also mentions that we WILL receive all of our deposits plus interest, which could be triple the amount deposited. Next week we should be able to withdraw. Won't that be nice :)


10DollarsWonder is still kickin ass!


e2ePay will be kickin ass starting next Wed, 12/12 at 5 PM EST! Be There or Be Square.


Gotta go check something.
Be back in a flash!


js said...

To be Square is actually a term signifying that you are with it, on top of it, or are in agreement.

It comes from the Freemasons. It's secret code and is also indicated by positioning one's feet at a ninety degree angle to each other, forming the bottom part of a square.

Just find a picture of George Washington in all the regalia of a FreeMason (with goatskin apron and such) and his feet are in that exact position.

This is another way for one FreeMason to recognize another FreeMason.


blondie said...

So I should say:
Be There AND Be Square?

js, you are such a wealth of information :)

HermitJim said...

That's why I read the blogs of you two...I always learn something. Never dull, I'll admit!