Thursday, November 29, 2007

Quick Cash Released Today

Good Morning,

Don't forget the QuickCash e-book will be released TODAY at 12:00 PM (noon) EST. It will show you Five Ways to Make Quick Cash! (and I've heard it's very good from a friend/blogger who got a 'sneak peek' of it).

Did you get your FREE Report yet or watch the Video? Go to the site and do that now. I could sure use some Quick Cash for the Holidays. How about you?


WOW!!! Just checked my other email account and I had 220 NEW Emails from 10DollarsWonder telling me that I have cycled! Whoo Hooo! And they were NOT all for a dime. Some were referral commissions for $1, $5 & $7. Good to see that others have realized the value of the new system and buying 5 or 7 positions at one time. You guys rock!!


Looks like something similar at e2ePay will be launched on Dec. 12th. Here's what's on the site:
"News update 11/28/07 - Major improvement on 12/12/07
The exciting major improvement will start on Wednesday 12/12/07 5:00pm EST USA."

I did very very well the first time this program launched with it's "advertising" offer. Pretty sure I'll do well again. History repeats itself, right?
If you're not a member already, go ahead and join for free and you'll be reminded of the launch. Or you can come back here and I'll remind you :))


SandellandPartners, the horse lay betting site has yet another new website. Jimmy sure had problems with the old one so let's hope he has finally found the right mix.
If you're a member already, go ahead and sign up again with the SAME username and password that you originally used.
If you're NOT a member yet, I would hold off a couple of days and/or check back HERE to see when it's safe to join. I think he'll be busy transferring all current member funds before he starts accepting new members. ok? cool!


Need to go check a few other programs. brb

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