Wednesday, November 21, 2007

more on Google Assassin ...

3:00 PM Update:
Looks like sales of the Google Assassin went through the roof yesterday. I want to point out to you that Chris is making a special offer to those who sign up before Friday. You can read more about it on the sign-up page. The Headline Reads:

"And lastly,....$169,551?
There's a first time for everything...

"The best business in the world,... exposed by the only guy who went from your situation to $169k in a day... in under a year.

For the first. And only. Time.

This event begins this Friday, 23rd November, and runs until Sunday. Three days of me breaking down how you can clone the second element of my super profitable business... and catch a glimpse of the engine that generated $169,551 for me in under 24 hours.

And, if you don't join before Friday, when that first course goes live, you are locked out for life. I cannot stress how finite this opportunity is.

This course will never be resold, rehashed or released in any form again. If you were on the fence before, consider yourself warned: you must make a decision now."

As for me? I think this is going to be what I've been waiting for. Been hunting and pecking for a long time now, and I got a real good feeling about this!



Good Morning,
Just read the following in another blog page about Google Assassin. I did buy the package yesterday and cannot tell you if it's sold out or not.
Today, after I do some last minute shopping for Thanksgiving tomorrow, I will be learning how to use the software in the package to start making some money! (although I'm sure I have to do a lot of reading first :) Here's what I read and I'm really excited to get started:

Ha! Looks like Shawn Casey has also entered into the frey! But too late I think. Here is Shawn’s post:

My friend Chris is one of the top selling affiliates
in the history of Clickbank. To prove it, he recently
released a video showing his $1,670,000 account.

While that proves he's really smart and very successful,
that does not put a dime in your pocket. Go ahead and
admit it - that's what YOU really care about. (Me, too.)

But what is going to virtually force you to jam wads of
cash into your pockets is the outrageous software he just
released today called "Google Assassin".

The stage is now formally set for an industry takeover, but
before I give you the proof you have been clambering for, I
want to answer the top questions about this...

Q: What is Google Assassin?
A: Google Assassin
is the answer to the question over 100,000
ClickBank affiliates have asked: "why can't I rake in cash in
2007?" With over $40,000 worth of Google espionage software,
step-by-step training material, and the chance to COMPLETELY
automate every step in your ClickBank business, its about to get
ugly for the competition. It took six months to develop,
another month to PROVE it works on average affiliates.

Q: Why "Google Assassin"?
A: It's the most apt name we could think of.
The core focus of
the system is on Google, whether its search engine traffic or

And the "assassin" part comes in because, quite frankly, you are
going to succeed NOT by being smart, or having any special
talents... you are going to succeed because you will be using
software that siphons cash from the "internet rich list". It's
subversive, brutal...and highly controversial. Enjoy.

Remember also, that this comes under the hallowed "Day Job
Killer" brand.

And there's a reason for that too - this guide, this movement is
NOT about you buying into "a billion dollar formula". It's about
real-life *day job* income. It's aimed squarely at the people
who deserve it most - so they can have their first $1,000 week,
receive their first $500 check... get that first ClickBank
sale. It's about replacing your day job, your boss and your
debts with an automated, stress-free future. The millions can
come down the line.

Q: What's inside the package?
A: Google Assassin
effectively automates all the techniques that
were inside Chris's Day Job Killer, Affiliate Project X and
Adwords Miracle guides that have sold over 10,000 copies.

I hope that point just hit you like a sledge-hammer to the face.

If not, riddle me this...

If you take all the ruthless, "power play" methods which I
swiped from the cash-rich renegades and outcasts, and completely
automate them with custom software, what do you think would be
the outcome?

Complete devastation for everyone outside my inner circle?

You're completely right.

Specifically, the Assassin package includes: Campaigner software
that automatically creates your websites and ClickBank campaigns,
advanced keyword software that arranges keywords by a
"profitability score", BEFORE you even run your campaign,...
software that allows you to pay less than 1 cents per click on
Adwords,... a database that rates over 10,000 ClickBank products
DAILY, ... wicked "campaign kidnap" software (which does exactly
what you would imagine), ... an advanced "Article Sniper"
tool... and that's about half of what's in the pack.


You should be.

After all, you are only a few minutes from automated wealth...

Yup... this is going to leave a mark that won't fade away
any time soon. Go there now."

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