Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What's new?

Hi there :)

BusinessProfitPro will re-launch in a couple of hours! Seems they found the right hosting service and ddos protection and are ready for anything! I'm ready too!!


MichaelBadger is doing a contest in November with a Cash Prize for top referrers of PAID members. (and you know, it's only $27 if you take his first offer ... $37 if you decide later on.) Here's a little bit of what he wrote:

It's a simple sales contest. I will award cash prizes to the 5 affiliates who generate the most sales in the month of November.

Please note that this is for SALES, not simply referrals. When your referrals buy the Easy Organizer Plus package, then they will count for you in the contest.

Prizes will be as follows:

Top Seller: $150
Second Seller: $100
Third-Fifth Seller: $50 each

Of course, you will still earn your referral commissions for each sale as well, so the prize will just be a nice bonus.

The contest will run through November 30, midnight, Eastern time."


10dollarswonder Admin has something up his sleeve too. Was just there doing a withdrawal and noticed the announcement on the member home page. Part of it reads:

A very exciting major improvement is coming soon on 11/14/07. In contrast to our current cycle ratio, the new improvement will be 700 times faster! That's right! 700 times! No joke! No HYIP! "

Can't wait to see what that is :))


Been sneezing a lot lately and not sure why. Is there something in the air? It's not Springtime here, so it can't be love, haha.


Anyone having trouble leaving me a comment? I've changed the criteria for that area and not sure if it's affecting you guys or not. Let me know.



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Anonymous said...

Well glad to hear the good news.

Sorry to hear about the sneezing.

Hope it's not going to worse, the
sneezing bit that is. Hope the Biz
things gets better and better and you too.

Ahhhh Ahhhh Chooo to you too