Monday, February 3, 2014

Great News! The New Hybrid is Here!

DualAdCycles has arrived.
What I really like about this one is the split between the daily earning side and the cycler side. It's almost like getting two programs for the price of one.

- Currently in soft-launch.
- Open for Registrations and new spends limited to 2 per day.
- Official launch will be Tuesday, Feb. 11h.
- Once launched, a max of 25 new positions per day will be available.
- Accepts STP, EgoPay and Perfect Money.
- You get 4000 ad credits for each $2 purchase.
- Fully SSL secured against hackers on a dedicated DDoS protected server.
- Get paid a return for your advertising.

Taken from the front page:
  • $2 Per Advertising Pack
  • 4000 Ad credits per purchase
  • 50/50 Split Daily Earning and Cycler
  • 200% Total R.O.I
  • 4% Daily earning for 50 days.
  • 200% Cycler line
  • 40% Repurchase
  • 7% Referral Commission

Once you're registered, to make a purchase: 
- Go to Member Tools TAB at the top. 
From the drop down menu:
- Add Fund (to you wallet)
once added you can go back in and
- Purchase Position

Remember, the TABS at the Top are our friends :)

Please be sure to read the DETAILS and the FAQ's.
Both are short, easy-to-read and get right to the point.

For those of you who don't read the FAQ's in advance, here's one that you should be aware of:

What is the minimum deposit to get started?
Adpacks cost only $2 but you are kindly requested to deposit a minimum of $10 at a time to save on processor fees.

So I guess that's all I got for now.
It's really late here and I'm really sleepy so will say Good Night, Good Luck, Thank You and I'll be in touch again soon.
Cheers :)

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