Thursday, February 27, 2014

Super Thursday

Super-Five: Froggie has been very good to us these first few days. Fast payouts and excellent support from Jake himself.
Also he has a good idea for the weekend which I will post as soon as it's official.

DualAdCycles: I keep purchasing cyclers with those re-purchase funds. And I moved from #114 to #77 in the NIL for cycling since yesterday.

Tueps: we did cycle our 2% last night and I now have enough to withdraw but debating on purchasing instead. Thinking.

DailySharePro: Here's a surprise:
(thanks to my friend for alerting me to it)

No surfing plan
Earn 2% daily for 90 calendar days! Principal will be returned after end of the period. Total return 280%. NO surfing required

I haven't purchased in that new plan yet but would assume it's still $5 minimum. Does anyone know?
I would also think that we'll be receiving an Admin Update about it soon. Kind of surprised that he hasn't notified us already.

Re: the new program that I Alerted you to:
- You can make a deposit today.
- It will be open for spends tomorrow.
- They are in a testing phase before official launch.
So still no promoting other than personal emails.

For those who have already registered, there is a new Admin update in your member area under the General tab that you should read.

Am I pre-funding? No. I decided not too.
They're still tweaking the site and making changes so I've decided to wait until I know exactly what I'm joining.

That's all for now.

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