Thursday, February 13, 2014

Moving In Slow Motion Today

The dang wind blew so hard last night, I thought a tornado was coming through. There was this deep sound like a freight train which kept me awake until 1:00 AM. Now today, I'm trying to sort out more tax papers. Yeah, good luck with that :(

DualAdCycles: since Feb 3rd, I have bought the max positions allowed daily through yesterday. After checking my available pay processor funds, decided I better chill out for a bit. I did purchase a few more positions today using my re-purchase balance first plus a little of my daily earning balance also. It's a good set-up and sure has been moving along nicely.

Tueps: we did cycle last night and will again tomorrow.

ACX: managed to get another Ad Pack withdraw request in and since the restart just finished, maybe this one will be paid? Crossing my fingers.

What's a good wake-up song?
I need some energy.


Richard Gaul said...

Wake up songs



blondie said...

Those are pretty funny Richard and should do the trick.
Thanks, LOL