Saturday, February 22, 2014

Froggie in FaceBook

Super-Five: been LMAO today watching Froggie's posts and pictures in FB and in the MMG forum. Man that is one crazy Frog.
Finally their Count Down Clock for Launch time is showing in Chrome, and TG it will be Tuesday at 9 AM my time instead of 4 AM (which I first thought it was). So if you have $5 in EgoPay, PM or Payeer burning a hole in your pocket, could be a lot of fun.
** See yesterday's post for details if you missed it.

DualAdCycles: cycled twice today. First time just after midnight and again a little while ago. That wraps up all of the positions I bought on Feb 11th when we launched. Also received a payment from Dual today and purchased more cyclers spots. Thanks Joe! We're doing great!

Tueps: cycled last night and looking forward to Monday's cycling also.

DailySharePro: running smooth as silk. Building my funds for my next withdrawal.

What else is on my mind today?
Oh I know. Heard a funny news story this morning.

You all know February is Girl Scout Cookie month, right?

Well, these girls need to pick a spot where they want to set up their cookie tables to make the most sales.

One little girl decided to set up her table right outside a Marijuana Dispensary.

She sold 117 Boxes in her first 2 hours!!

Now that is hilarious!

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