Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hump Wednes Day

First full day of the Super-Five Frog is done and everyone seems to be having a great time. Seeing tons of new deposits and withdrawals in the forum. Rock On Froggie!

As for me, I added more funds today than I did yesterday. Well, when you receive 150% back from each spend, it only makes sense to continue purchasing and supporting the program :)

QUOTE from the Frog:
Follow the ultimate frog cycle,
Deposit >>> Wait >>> Withdraw >>> Redeposit >>> Wait >>> Withdraw >>> Redeposit and so on smile.gif  Riibbbiiittt.
This cycle will enable the froggie to reign for a long time without much waiting .

DualAdCycles: moving up the cycler line today, am at #114 from #175 yesterday. That's super. Also purchased more cycler positions today.

Tueps: right on schedule. Cycled again last night for another 2% earning.

DailySharePro: today's reward was 1.0%

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