Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Friday

Quick update then I need to go play with the Frog, lol 

The semi-private program that I sent out the ALERT for has started off great. I didn't fund my account last night but did this morning and purchased a handful of Ad Packs. Checked my stats to see they've already started earning. Nice. So will be watching that closely today.
We only have 24 hours to deposit and purchase. Then they're going to put the site on hold for a bit to get ready for their official Launch. Once they do that, I can start mentioning their name here along with their banner.

* 3:40 MST: more than happy with the results so far, even though I made my spend a couple of hours after their opening.
- 1st ad pack bought for $10 is now at $10.50 earning
- 2nd ad pack bought for $10 is now at $10.56 earning
- 3rd ad pack bought for $10 is now at $10.56 also.
But remember it's only open for spends for about 15 more hours. Then they close it down while they prepare for the real launch.

Super-Five: here's some news that will come in handy for us starting today through the weekend.

In order to serve you faster and more convenience is given towards you, we are launching a deposit from account balance during weekends feature.

We have enabled this feature already today for a dry run to see the interest of members in this feature. You know that Super-Five is only focused on the improvement of the program and therefore value your opinions.

This news has given you the option to save on fees and time in making deposits but still not affecting the whole cycle of the site.

Froggie ( Jake Walter )

DualAdCycles: moving up the cycler line, currectly at #46. Will be watching for my next cycling to happen today... or maybe tomorrow.

TUEPS: was happy today when I received notice that a referral made a nice purchase and of course I got a nice RC thanks to that person :)
Also happy that the Admin is sticking to his original plan and everything seems to be running very smooth.
Oh and we cycle again tonight.

DailySharePro: here's their latest Update which includes what I mentioned to you yesterday, and more. Cheers!

Dear Judy,

1. DailySharePro adds NEW e-Wallet (Payeer)

DailyShare team would like to announce our valuable members (investors) that we’ve recently added a new payment system on our online investment site – Payeer.
Payeer is an online payment system that allows you to pay for goods and services on websites as well as transfer of funds around the world.
With Payeer, you can also transfer your funds on other payment systems, including PayPal, Payza, PerfectMoney,Okpay, EgoPay, or to Visa.
*Including Payeer, now supports 7 different payment systems: Payza, Bitcoin, EGO Pay, OK PAY, Perfect Money, SolidTrust PAY, and Payeer. With these wide payment options, more investors from around the world can join our investment plan to quickly and easily invest and earn significant amount of profits, starting today.

2. DailySharePro adds ‘NEW Advertisement Plan.’

DailySharePro recently added a NEW investment plan. This investment plan is very simple to get started as it does NOT require ‘surfing,’ (unlike our 1stinvestment plan that required you to surf websites).
To get started, simply signup (if you’re a new member), or login to your account and deposit your initial amount to invest in one of the two investment plans. Once you’ve selected an advertising plan, wait until the investment time period is over and withdraw your earnings at your own time and leisure.
The daily profit percentage share is 2% for 90 days, meaning that you’ll earn a whopping 180% pure profit after 90 days and your initial deposit will also be returned.

3. Representative system is online.

We are glad to announce our representative system that has been launched just several hours ago. Members from all over the world can become our representatives and help other newbie users and investors start making daily profits. All representatives earn double referral commission (8% for first and 4% for second level).

Thank you, Team


Before I forget, I will be out tomorrow morning so no updates until after noon sometime.


Brandon Selby said...

Daily share pro-
the new plan is a min of $100

blondie said...

Thanks for that info Brandon.
I was not aware of it and been out all day so no time to check.
Cheers :)