Saturday, March 1, 2014

My-OPI has come out of the closet, lol

I'm so tired.
Didn't sleep well, then left to babysit well before 8 AM.
I know that's not early unless you're not used to it, so forgive me if I'm a little short on words today.

Finally I can share My-OPI that I alerted you to on the 23rd.
It will be officially launching tomorrow at 7 AM my time, 9 AM EST.
As you know I added some funds there yesterday during their 24 hour testing period and I am extremely impressed with the results.
If that was just testing, I can't imagine how strong the actual launch will be. So... yes I will be here at 7 AM tomorrow. Don't want to miss out on a good thing.

Tomorrow's Launch Times:

New York: March 2nd 9am
London: March 2nd 2pm
India: March 2nd 7:30pm
Queensland: March 2nd 12am Midnight

AdPacks are $10 each via EgoPay or STP and
they mature at 120% ROI and
they've been maturing really fast so far.
Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings :)

Super-Five: still rockin and rollin with the Frog.
Received a few payments today and of course, bought several more positions. Remember you can purchase from account balance now to save time and fees. Only for the weekend though.

DualAdCycles: last I checked I was in #5 NIL to cycle. I did have $2 in my account today (repurchase balance) so bought more cyclers with that.

TUEPS: put in for a withdraw today. Should receive it in 3 business days I believe. Next time I'll repurchase another position instead of withdrawing.

DailySharePro: a reader alerted me that the new No-Surf Plan is a minimum of $100 spend. Well, maybe after I pay for that new TV I recently purchased I'll consider it. In the meantime, Surfing and Earning is good.

ACX: was kind of hoping that this one would have been paid by now: $32.26  119hours  Pending
Especially since I will be able to request another one tomorrow. Hmmm


dr.capoon said...

I am glad you are 5th in line at DAC, that means I am about to cycle soon too.

Oh and Froggie is a crazy ride. I got into profit zone in 4 days. This is the fastest one reached in my life!

blondie said...

4th now, and I see you at 27.
Won't be long.

Froggie sure is fun isn't he? Not to mention profitable.

Cheers Dr.C :)