Saturday, March 29, 2014


Twentyby20: hope you all are enjoying those nice earnings. Me? I keep purchasing (or repurchasing) just like always and cash out too of course. Great little program and I sure hope everyone can see that.

TUEPS: re-opened today after the restructure.
If you had logged in earlier (like I did) you may have noticed some of the items had not been adjusted yet, as per the update. But they are now :)

- Minimum purchase is now $5.00
- Minimum withdraw has been changed to $5.00
- You can withdraw every 2 days (instead of the previous 3)
- Fees have been lowered for purchasing new (as opposed to earlier today)
(sorry if you've already purchased but it will be lower from now on)
- For each $20 position you had, you now have 4 at $5 each.
- Cycling will be done Monday through Friday at 2% each day.

- And last but not least...
Members: 816
Running days: 108 since 2013-12-11
Did I miss anything?


Tim Stoker said...

Hi !
Any more thoughts re: ATBV?
Have a great weekend!
Kind regards,

blondie said...

Hi Tim, not today.
Been dealing with some house problems so my mind is a little off course.
Have a great weekend too!