Saturday, March 8, 2014

Late on Saturday

Sorry for neglecting my posts.
Been kind of busy with some other things. 

Here's an Update that you should read from
TUEPS: (if you're a member that is, lol)
EgoPay removal on 03/10/14;
We will NOT accept or pay with EgoPay on 03/10/14. EgoPay is getting ready to close out all USA accounts in a few days. If you bought positions with EgoPay, you will be paid by STP. You may use any exchanger to convert STP to EgoPay.

87 days and going strong;
87 days and going strong. Our attractive and manageable 2% pay plan has getting attention on the Net. You have seen few copy cats already. We are getting closer (13 days) to cycle 5 times per week. If you start today, you can get paid in just 1 cycles. Click here to find out how.

I removed the link for the Click here but it's in your member area if you wish to read it.
Anxious for the 2% five times per week as well.
Thanks Admin :)

There's some other things I need to share but not today. I'll attempt to get back on track tomorrow and catch up with what I've missed.
Have a good weekend!

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