Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Weekend and Sunday

Seems the DailySharePro site is down for everyone.
Don't know why but will check back later.
- DSP is back and I'm surfing now. Needed to clear all browser data and do a dns flush, but my banner is still not showing. Going to see about that now.
* Sunday: the banner is back.

Twentyby20: purchased 2 more positions today trying to 'keep up with the Joneses' :)
* Sunday: purchased 2 more.

Tueps: purchased another there today too and requested a payment. Shouldn't take too long to receive. Three days I believe it is.
PS, next weekend (I think) is going to be Tueps 100 day anniversary and that's when our 2% pays 5 times per week instead of the current 4.

My-OPI: stayed on last night waiting for the Power-Matrix Launch. I purchased two of those within the first 40 seconds and one more about 3 minutes later, and have earned $2 so far. Although I'm sure it helped everyone's Profit-Share earnings, it wasn't quite as exciting as I wanted it to be.
Well, there is still 1 day and 6 hours left for that. Maybe things will pick up a bit later.
* Sunday: as of 3 PM MDT, there are four hours left of the Power-Matrix Launch and my total Matrix earning is still at $2.00. Just the facts.

Busy at home today doing the things I didn't get to do yesterday cause of the broken door latch. It's all good, at least I didn't have to climb through the bathroom window. (yes I've done that before and it wasn't pretty)
Thanks to two of my friends for the reminder ;)

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