Friday, March 28, 2014

TGIF and something in my eye

ATBVenture: if you are a member of the MMG forum and look for this program thread... it's been moved to the "Money Cyclers or Matrix Programs" section. So go look THERE next time you're searching.

Twentyby20: those who purchased on the first day will be happy to know that very soon, the remainder of your commission will kick out for each of your matured positions. Then, if you've been buying regularly like I have, you'll have a steady stream coming in from now on.

Thank you for submitting the great testimonials. A rock solid 18 day performance has completely shattered all of the skeptics. The best part of our program is that everyone will earn by our simple power pay plan, regardless of when you join. For those who know how to promote, this is the best time to help to reach out to all forums. Keep inviting people you know. Our 2-level referral commission is very rewarding. The more we grow, the more you earn. The faster we grow, the faster you earn.

Exciting news
Starting today, a few of the positions will mature. When those positions mature, you will earn the remaining commission. The positions will be moved from "My Active Positions" to "My Matured Positions".

20 days referrals contest
With Twentyby20, you can invite people with confidence. The 2-level referral commission is very rewarding. There will be a cash award for the referrals contest. The contest will end on 04/14/14. A total of 4 awards will be issued to those members with the most paid positions from referrals and those members with the most paid referrals. The cash value is $40 and $20 for each category.



TUEPS: supposed to re-open tomorrow for "business as usual" but I noticed there are still some adjustments to be made in our member area positions. That's OK. Am anxious for the re-opening but if it takes the weekend to fix, no big deal for me :)

My-OPI: what ever happened to their Power Weekends? First was the Matrix, next was the Cycler. Now we're waiting on this???

$5,000 Cash Injection Coming When We Hit:
$175,000 in Commissions Paid!

Well, they're currently at $158,576. so it could take awhile.
Yes of course I am using their site for Advertising.

Should be working on my Tax Returns but I just got something in my eye. Oh darn... guess it'll have to wait till later. (snicker)

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