Monday, March 24, 2014

Moody Monday

Been trying all day to shake my crappy mood but it's hard. My ear is buzzing, I have a headache and don't feel like doing anything. But I respect you guys so figured I better sit my arse down and write about the News for today.

ATBVenture: once again tomorrow is Tues and my weekly subscriptions will be due again. Am anxious to see the results of that and how it affects our matrix positions. Will share with you of course.

Two weeks under my belt.
Twentyby20 has been a real joy to have around for advertising and of course, making a few bucks in the process.
While I continue to purchase or repurchase positions daily, it's always fun to read their latest updates too:

03/24/14 - Perfect pre-lauch with ZERO glitches
We had a perfect pre-launch, with ZERO glitches. Yes, we are 100% ready for the official launch. On the launch day, you can start to purchase units 2 times of pre-launch units.

20 days referrals contest

With Twentyby20, you can invite people with confidence. The 2-level referral commission is very rewarding. There will be a cash award for the referrals contest. The contest will end on 04/14/14. A total of 4 awards will be issued to those members with the most paid positions from referrals and those members with the most paid referrals. The cash value is $40 and $20 for each category.

- Reminder: their official opening is tomorrow already. Just goes to show how times flies when you're having fun :) 

TUEPS: have you read the news there? No?
Well let me share it with you then...

System upgrade from 03/24 to 03/28;
Resume normal on 03/29/14;
  • The site will still be open during the system changing period.
  • Members can withdraw and get paid, if you have a balance.
  • New members can still sign up. For promoters, you can continue to promote.
  • No cycling, purchase, or repurchase during the system changing period.
  • Position will cost $5. The minimum withdraw will be $5.
  • The old positions will also be converted to $5 value.
If you have positions, your positions will be expanded 4 times. Nothing else will be changed except for the cost of position and the minimum withdraw.

103 days and going strong;

103 days and going strong. Our attractive and manageable 2% pay plan has been getting attention on the Net. You have seen a few copy cats already. Once the upgrade is completed, your positions will cycle 5 times per week.

- OK seriously... How cool is that?
Those who didn't want to join because of the $20 entry can now feel more comfortable with $5.
Those who didn't like waiting until they earned $20 to withdraw will be able to get their funds sooner and
Those of us with active positions will now have 4 times as many running once everything is moved over.
I like it!

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