Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Super Tuesday ATBV Launch

Opening right now...

A Trusted Business Venture

A Trusted Business Venture

From the home page:

What is A Trusted Business Venture?

Ever wish you could get all the tools the gurus use in their online business to make a living from home, but found that all those products simply cost too much? A Trusted Business Venture gives you access to all these tools for only $5 a week! Our current product range when bought individually will cost you in excess of $5000. Not only do you get access to using all of our products, but you also get the rights to sell the products for whatever price you see fit and get to keep 100% of the sale price!

What makes us Unique!

Not only do we give you all the amazing products when you become an active member but we also give you the opportunity to earn from our revolutionary business model with or without referring other members. A Trusted Business Venture rewards those who stay active and keep their subscription.

What is the catch?

There is no catch. The reason we can give you access to all these products for such an amazing discount is due to an ever increasing member base that allows us to buy the products and share it with our members to help them grow their business and stay on the cutting edge of what is needed to run an online business today.

OK, back to me :)
My favorite part of course is the Matrix.
For a $5 per week subscription, here's how it works:

You can have more than one subscription for $5 each, but you must remember that it's a weekly subscription and your account must be funded to keep it activated.

- Accepts: STP, EgoPay and PM
- Minimum amount you can fund is $10
(from Finance Management Tab - fund E-Wallet)
- Also in 'Finance Management' you can find
'My Subscriptions'
Go there to purchase your "weekly" subscription.

Please Note: each subscription costs $5 per week and if you do not have sufficient funds then you will lose all positions in the matrix and not earn from them. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled once activated so be sure what you commit to you can afford to keep up.

** Update from me: 12:45 Mountain Time - have completed my first 2 matrices already. But of course, I was up at the butt crack of dawn so got an early start on this. Feeling good ;)

Twentyby20: as you know this one pre-launched yesterday and it's getting quite a bit of attention. I now have two days worth of spends at the limit of 2 each day invested. No surfing, no clicking, no trouble. Just make your spend and let it ride for the daily 10% earnings.
Also got my first payout early this morning so yes, it is paying! Thanks Admin Ryan. Off to a nice start.
* Details in yesterdays post if you missed it.

Super-Five: not sure what's going on so again today I re-purchased with the majority of my account balance. Hope the Admin has some sort of awakening and can bring it back to where it should be.

TUEPS: cycled last night and will cycle again tonight. Like I said before, am beginning to enjoy week days more than weekends now.

DailySharePro: it's Tuesday so I asked for a payout this morning which I have received already. Right On.

My-OPI: kind of on hold for the week I suppose since no purchases can be made until the weekend. Well, OK. Guess I'll go add some advertising there in the meantime.

Yesterday here in the Denver area was 70 degrees F and a beautiful sunny day. Today, we had a snow blizzard. Go figure.


dr.capoon said...

Well Blondie, I have to congratulate you. You might have just found the cure for our empty pockets.
Over 100 marketing tools for 5 bucks is a pure bargain.
Not to mention, we might just start to earn from what I believe can become a long term income stream there.

Thanks !!!

blondie said...

Gee I hope so Dr.C :)
And long term Yes!
With that weekly sub we should all do very well.
Cheers and Thank You