Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Just Tuesday

My-OPI: I don't understand their stats, do you?
Looks to me like they owe 87K in commish but only took in 22K in cash. Well, I made it to BEP so made a re-purchase today for another Ad Pack (rather than withdraw).
But please, if I'm reading those stats wrong, someone comment here. Also if I'm reading them right, why would they post that information?
Total Members: 1,919 
Total Deposits: $22,117.08 
Total Withdrawals: $12,099.74 
Total Commissions: $87,899.31

Super-Five: purchased 20 more spots in the Frog today and requested a cash out. Patience on those since he's doing them a certain way.
- Later in the day, was just paid 3 of my requests. YaY!

DualAdCycles: should be cycling one (5) any time now.

Tueps: cycled last night and again tonight. Heck, I'm starting to like week days now more than weekends, lol
- Forgot to mention, received another payment today for $85 smackeroos! Excellent work Admin.

DailySharePro: just keeps going and going.

- Today was a nice day so I went out and put some fertilizer on my poor brown lawn. Supposed to rain this afternoon then turn to snow, but stay nice and warm all week. March is our snowiest month here so hmmm.

Once again for my cat lover friends out there.
This is weird, but it is sort of funny, in a weird way that is.


Henry said...

Love the Vid!!!!!

Just so accurate - I loved them all, but the one that made me roar, was the one with his head in the carrier bag, rolling on the desk!



blondie said...

Those who have cats can certainly relate to all of those comics.
Just looks so silly when a human does them :)
Glad you enjoyed it too.
Cheers Henry!!