Sunday, March 2, 2014

My-OPI is Officially Launched

As mentioned in yesterday's post, 
My-OPI has officially launched now!
I personally added more funds to purchase with and within the first few seconds, I already have .36 cents* earned on each Ad Pack.
Going to watch now and will repurchase as my account grows.
Back in a bit :)
* now up to $1.80 5 mins later.
** 30 minutes in... $3 earned on each.
OK I'll stop now. You get the idea.
- If you're new to this sort of program, the share will slow down over time so don't freak out if you don't earn as fast as the start.
* 8 hours after launch: slowing already it seems, or maybe just getting into it's groove. I'm still earning on each active ad pack, just not as fast, which was certainly expected.
Don't forget you can click on Ad's and receive .02 cents per click also. So if you get really bored or have some spare time, it works, I just tried it out.

Super-Five Frog: didn't get to purchase till afternoon yesterday (since I was out) so will update on them later today.
* Repurchased today with the same amount that I bought yesterday. Will miss the re-purchase button tomorrow IF it's really removed. We shall see.

DualAdCycles: Update from Joe...
Since my last email many members have started using their repurchase balance which is good news for everyone as it keeps the line moving at a nice and steady pace.

I did get many emails from members asking to implement a daily only plan that does not involve the cycle line. This to me makes sense as Dual Ad Cycles will now attract a whole new market.

The new daily plan pays 3% every day for 50 days giving a 150% return on investment and there is no repurchase rule for this plan. All members may also purchase positions from cash balance during the week and from their repurchase balance on weekends.

So if this is what you have been waiting for to spend your repurchase balance then you may do so for the next 23 hours.

Joe Miles
Dual Ad Cycles

I just cycled a spot bought on Feb 12th and have several more waiting so I'll be watching for those to cycle out soon.
Thanks Joe, sounds good to me and I just used my repurchase balance to buy into the daily 3% only plan.

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