Thursday, March 13, 2014

Baby Cows and Work and Frogs

Busy morning. Besides doing my online stuff, I saw a baby cow (calf) being born. They sure are cute. He (or she) was up and standing in a matter of minutes. Then as soon as the mama cow got him all cleaned up, he wanted his milk. Awww

ATBV: cycled a 2nd level matrix yesterday so things are going as planned.
Oh, just remembered what I forgot to tell you guys. I started the forum thread for ATBV in MMG as soon as we opened. Maybe you can visit sometime and share your success when the time comes. Just a thought.

Twentyby20: received an email asking us to withdraw. OK I did and received payment in a matter of minutes. Also purchased 2 new positions for today.

Tueps: no cycling will be done tonight but am surely looking forward to Fridays. Those 2%'s add up in a hurry.
PS, added one more position via re-purchase just now.

DailySharePro: purchased a couple of new ad packs with profit.

My-OPI: glad they decided to allow Ad Pack purchasing during the week again. Also they're planning a matrix opening for this weekend.
Will I play that? Haven't decided yet.

Super-Five: received a small payment from the Frog today and noticed a nice list of payouts on the site. Will there be more? No one knows and that's why I removed their banner from my side bar.

One last thing... ACX: I think a Media Restart is imminent.
What do you think?

Almost forgot... it's Thursday.
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