Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gotta Love The Frog

Here's some excellent News from Froggie of the
Super-Five program:

"Thank you for patiently waiting! Froggie's surprise has come!


Yes! Solidtrustpay has approved our button! Thank you for being patient and this processor is added now. You can use STP starting now.

This takes to another level of development and progress.
Froggie has temporarily enabled editing of your payment accounts so add your STP accounts now.

Froggie (Jake Walter)"

To add your STP ID, log into Super-Five,
in your dashboard you'll see "Edit Account", 
click on that, 
re-type your password and add your STP ID.
Love this Frog :)

PS, just received 2 payouts to EgoPay pending since the 2nd. Thanks Froggie and remember, patience folks.

DualAdCycles: last night I cycled my 3rd position bought on Feb 12th and of course, put my re-purchase balance back into the cycler only today.
Haven't decided what to do with my account balance yet but will give it some thought.

Tueps: cycled last night, will again tonight and again on Friday. Sure has been running smooth this entire time.
Thanks Admin :)

DailySharePro: surfed and earned and saving for withdrawal.

My-OPI: earned another $10 overnight on the 28 positions I had there, so just used that $10 to re-purchase another.
Yeah, I only have 29 in total. Missed the 'test run day' by a few hours and that cost me dearly. So am just going with the flow now and will see how it goes.


mvjhon said...

Dear Judy,

See bad news about DAC. At least you pas BEP? Or not even you?

blondie said...

Yeah I just read it.
Was not expecting that but we all know it was getting slower so guess I'm not too surprised :(