Thursday, March 6, 2014


DualAdCycles: these are never the updates that I enjoy posting. What a shame. Although I'm a little surprised, you had to know it wasn't doing all that great by the long NIL list for the cycler. I get the feeling that Admin tried all he could to keep it alive but without new members and new funds, it just couldn't happen. (sigh)

As I'm sure many have already noticed it has come to the point where no new members are joining and no new funds are coming into DAC. Also I have noticed that the cycler line has barely moved.

As a an admin there comes a time when decisions have to be made for the sake of fairness and honesty. After taking everything into consideration, I came up with 3 options and chose the one I see to benefit all members.

DAC has had some very supportive members who are still promoting and then there are those who simply did not purchase again after launch which I find to be unfair and unsuportive. A program needs a strong and fair leader but also members who continue to support.

So, I have decided to close DAC as of today. All members who have not reached 50% their expenditure will receive that amount in my next program which will be launched in less than 2 months.

This is the fairest of my options and I hope you will respect my decision.

Joe Miles
Dual Ad Cycles


Super-Five: received my first STP payment from the Frog today. Many more will follow I'm sure.
Thumbs up Admin, doing a great job!
Oh, also repurchased a ton more ;)
  • From STPay member: superfive
  • Amount: $10
  • Currency: USD
- Just got home and read this new update and quite honestly... TG. I was wondering how the heck 50% could last. Well it can't so Jake has fixed that problem:

"Due to the current build up, changes are inevitably needed. Super-Five is now going to pay all active and new deposits , 105% after 24 hours. This change is much needed.

While programs who have bad intentions edit or offer new plans with higher returns when they are encountering difficulties, as a unique business model and structure, is not doing it that way. We have in fact lowered the ROI to a much sustainable percentage while dissolving the previous rule of only allowing $5.00 deposit each time.

You can deposit $5.00 to $10,000.00 to this new plan now. However, a withdrawal limit of $10 per transaction is still in place.

Take it or leave it, Froggie is staying and this change is very much needed. Many have profited from the previous plan and we are very happy to see that. Activity in the forums and social networking sites have boomed when Froggie came back with .

Expect new things from Froggie himself.

Froggie (Jake Walter)"

My-OPI: two things of interest so I'll post that part of the update here:

"Just over an hour left to grab an Ad Pack for your last chance
to win one of 6 x $50 cash prizes!

Go to the Purchase/Ad Pack page for your chance to win!

COMING SOON: The Ad Pack Power Launches! Lots of excited
members have contacted us regarding these awesome power
launches. Make sure you read the latest Admin Update in the
Members Area for more information and grab some Ad Packs
BEFORE we close the page on Sunday."

As far as that "Power Launch" thing goes... really?
You're gonna make everybody wait till the weekend to purchase? OK so the weekend will be hot but what about the rest of the week? (roll eyes)
Sorry Admin, I'm just having a bad day and this news was not very entertaining.

I know I know, I sent an alert about this one opening. But it was set up differently when I sent that alert. Things have changed.

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