Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Updates

My-OPI: when I logged in today I noticed a new ticker-tape of top earners at the top of the page. Noticed my upline is there along with a couple of my referrals. Right On Guys and Congrats to you all!
- I also received a couple of payments but no where near the kind of numbers I'm seeing on the site. Thanks to the Admin for paying so quickly (clap).

Super-Five: been rockin in the froggie's pond and purchased quite a few more spots today. Plus requested a cash out as I normally do.
- If you haven't noticed, Froggie left the "Purchase from Account Balance" option open for us, even though the weekend is over. Cool!
- Also you can "Add Funds to Account Balance" so that once added, you just purchase positions from there without have to log into your Pay Processor account each time. He's pretty smart for a Frog.

DualAdCycles: bought again into the cycler line with my repurchase balance and bought some new 3%'s with my regular balance. Also received a cash out that I requested yesterday! Thanks Admin.

Tueps: tonight is another 2% cycling night already. Whoop!

DailySharePro: surfed and earned 1.1% for today. No, I have not gotten into the other plan as of yet. Still debating on that.
- Was paid a few minutes ago also. Cool.

Felt pretty good when I woke up so started cleaning. Once I got going, it seemed like everything needed something to be done to it! Argh! Should sleep good tonight I would think, lol

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