Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Oh Nooooooooo! (just kidding)

Sure has been quiet around here lately.
Well, being the end of March maybe some of you are doing the same that I am... working on their tax documents for filing. (sigh)

ATBVenture: haven't cycled any matrices since I paid my weekly subscription fee, but I did receive $5 from a referral of mine who completed the "Sponsor Pay Line" and I also noticed that my Level 3 Matrix only needs one more member to cycle it out. Stay tuned :)

Twentyby20: noticed a lot of "I Got Paid" posts in the forum yesterday and today, including mine of course. I am still purchasing or repurchasing daily too. Soon we will start receiving the "other half" of those earnings. Can't wait!

Tueps: on hold until Saturday so nothing to share atm.

My-OPI: paid me again for my last withdraw request. I did post and say thank you on their website testimonial page, but I refuse to post it in the MMG forum. Why?
Someone started that forum thread 10 days before we were allowed to publicly promote so I'd rather not give the thread starter a 'pat on the back' for ignoring the Admins regulations.
So now you know why I don't post there even though I've been an MMG member since 2005.

It's kind of warm here today so opened a front window and the back door. Forgot that I had all that paperwork spread out all over the kitchen counter. Then out of nowhere, the wind kicked up big time and papers went flying everywhere! Reminded myself of Mr Bill when I came running out to catch them all...

PS, I love funny cat pictures.
Don't know why but this one got me goin, lol


Tim Stoker said...

Great post!

blondie said...

Thanks Tim :)
Which part?
Let me guess... Mr Bill, lol

Tim Stoker said...

Hi again,
Yes, I couldn't help but giggle at the Mr.Bill and flying paperwork story!
Anyway, I have joined under you in Twentyby20, and have only two positions at the moment. I like it.
I'm waiting for funds to reach my STP, and then will buy a few more. Also, I like the look of ATBV and TUEPS.
All the other things I was in have failed miserably, so have been cancelled. I now have a clean sheet, and these three ventures are my limit. Unless of course something else good crops up!
Kind regards,

doomcrew said...

Like the cat pic hilarious.

blondie said...

Sounds like your clean sheet will be filled with some good opportunities Tim. I'm happy with them all.
Thanks again,
Cheers :)

blondie said...

Hey doomcrew!
Long time no see.
Hope you're doing well with everything. Don't be a stranger now.
And Yes, that cat pic is hilarious!
Later :)