Monday, March 10, 2014

Twentyby20 Pre-Launch Notice

Here's something new you may like.

Twentyby20 is a really simple way to earn a few bucks for advertising your other business link.

- Ad Positions are $5 per pack via STP only.
- Positions will cycle at 10% daily for 10 days (gets you to BEP)
- The remaining percentage will be cycled on the mature date.
- Cycling of your positions will be done at approx 10 PM EST daily.
- During pre-launch you may only purchase 2 positions per day.
When your account balance reaches $5, you may purchase a new Ad Position or request a cash out.
- Once we are officially launched, you'll be able to purchase a lot more if you choose to.
- There is a pre-launch special going on now where you'll earn in 18 days instead of 20. Details are in the News in your member area.

Looking at the chart on the main page may seem a little confusing but it's not really. Just remember that the day you join is your first day and that applies to everyone whenever you join.

Correction: (I like this better)
It actually works a little bit different may be. If members join before official launch, they will start over on the official launch day. Which it means that members join now, they will have 2nd time with 20-days-200% from 03-25
In other words, members join now will earn 200%-18days then 200%-20days

As for me, I did jump in with the maximum of 2 positions today. Feels like a win-win from where I sit.

Super-Five: well, I have seen some payment posts today although I have not received one myself. That's OK. I'll let Froggie get his stuff together. Meanwhile, I did purchase again today using what was in my STP balance.

TUEPS: Monday is another cycling day. Looking forward to that.

DailySharePro: same as always... perfect.
AND they've already passed their 4 Month Anniversary!
Now that really rocks! Great Job Admin ;) 

My-OPI: I requested and received a payment last night. Extremely fast too. I know, maybe I should have bought more Ad Packs instead but their stats still scare me a bit. Will discuss another time.

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