Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday, Sunday, Monday...

Monday might be the day for the new program I've been waiting for. Not 100% sure but that's my best guess. Which is fine with me since I'll be out tomorrow watching the Superbowl at my son's house. They asked me to bring my famous 7 Layer Dip as my contribution. Gladly :)

Tueps: cycled last night and I'm earning a little more now since I repurchased another position. Remember starting Monday we're going to cycle 4 times per week instead of 3.

DailySharePro: getting closer to that BEP from my first spends. Just a few more days and it'll be pure profit after that.

ACX: oh geez. Still can't get a new withdraw request to go through and still waiting to be paid on another that is 550 hours pending as of now.
Which makes me wonder... why do they even have that "daily limit reached" message when you have to wait a month to be paid anyway? Silly.

Quiet here today so I was doing a little work on my tax doc's. Not a fun thing to do but somebody's gotta do it.

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