Friday, January 31, 2014

Last Day of January

Well it's Friday and I was hoping to have shared the new Hybrid program with you already but... seems the Admin is still making changes and tweaking the plan to make it better for everyone. Yes, I said everyone.

Just thought of something. When this one opens, I'll send an Alert out to those who joined my Alert List/Service. It's been a year since I sent out an Alert so this will be good for me to clean out the undeliverables also.

Tueps: we cycle again tonight which will make this cycle #22 since opening. I have more than $20 in my balance right now and haven't decided if I should withdraw or repurchase. I've got a few hours to think about it.
- Decided to repurchase since starting next week, we'll cycle 4 times per week instead of 3. That's 8% weekly and will accumulate faster.

DailySharePro: smooth surfing as usual but then this pop-up spam hit me. Guess it's a new chat feature on the site. Well, I get enough spam in my inbox so not really impressed with getting more while surfing. Ahhh no biggie. Was easy enough to click the X button to close it out.

ACX: been getting the usual "Daily Limit Reached" message when trying to cash out to EgoPay. Also my old STP withdrawal is still pending for 523 hours as of now. (sigh)

While surfing I saw the picture of the dog. Said wow, that looks like Samuel L Jackson. Yep, sure does.

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