Monday, January 27, 2014

bloop... bloop... bloop

Dang cordless phones. When the batteries get weak or not charging, they make this bloop sound. Well of course it had to happen at 4 AM so I'm moving a little slow today. Good thing it's nice and quiet around here.

Tueps: looking forward to cycling again tonight which will be 20 times cycled on my first positions from December. So that means $8 back from each spot so far. Cool :)

DailySharePro: today's earning was 1.1% and I was paid last night from my weekly withdraw request. Thanks Admin!

ACX: was shocked again today to receive a payment that was just requested on Jan. 23rd via EgoPay. However, an STP request is still pending since Jan. 9th. Well, maybe they got a big chunk of EgoPay in so decided to do payouts. In any case, I'm happy about getting paid.

A couple of months ago when my Cable went out during a Bronco game, I called the Cable Company looking for a credit and instead they sent me 5 coupons for a free pay-per-view movie.
Today I watched "Captain Phillips" and it was excellent! But then again, I've always enjoyed Tom Hanks movies, ever since I can remember.

Should have something more exciting to talk about soon. Assuming the new program I mentioned is still scheduled for this week. Stay Tuned :)

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