Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What? No Post?

Did you notice I didn't post yesterday?
Decided to take the day off for the first time in 370 days or more. I made a New Years resolution for 2013 and completed it successfully. Now, I don't want to feel guilty if and when I miss a day of posting, so that's why I intentionally broke the chain.

Tueps: cycled again last night, right on schedule :)

DailySharePro: 1.4% for today. Nice one.
And tomorrow is their 2 month anniversary. Excellent!

ACX: took a full 5 days since request but finally received:
From STPay member: adclickxpress
Transaction Number: 300011xxxxx
Amount: $31.56

I do have something else to share but not quite ready yet. Check back with me in a few, OK? tomorrow. Might have some news then.
Cheers :)


Randy V said...

We all need a day off so enjoy it. You deserve it.

You met your goal last year. This year you can have different goals.

Have a great day!

blondie said...

Different goals.
Something to think about.
Hi and Bye Randy.
Just about to log off :)
Night Night

HermitJim said...

When you get to be my age, taking a day off now and then is mandatory!

blondie said...

Yeah it should be but seems I've always found time to post for some strange reason. lol
Cheers Jim!