Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Good News for Next Week

The new program I mentioned at the beginning of this month should be ready for pre-launch sometime next week.
All I know so far is it's a Hybrid, will definitely accept EgoPay and most likely STP along with some other pay processors.
Don't ask for details yet. I'll share them as I learn more.

TUEPS: tonight's another cycling night. YaY!
Don't forget if you were a paid member of Pnenow, you may be eligible for a free starting position in Tueps. Join for free using the same username and see what happens. Can't hurt.

DailySharePro: someone posted that they are now accepting Payza for purchases but when I checked the drop down menu, I didn't see it available.
Ah well, received another 1.1% today after surfing.


dr.capoon said...

OMG, finally! For two (2) months I am waiting for a new game. Just couldn't find any worthy enough yet. Have I become to picky, or scammers have took the field over? I am not sure about that. Please let us know some spicy facts a.s.a.p.! Thanks in advance ! Btw, I do hope STP will take part in it.

blondie said...

"OMG Finally!"
You can say that again, lol

I've been anxious for something new and long lasting myself and it's been a long month (or two) of waiting.

Will post as soon as I know more!
Cheers Dr C :)