Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's cold in them thar hills

Here too. Woke up to 8F. High today 16F I think.
Been snowing for two days straight.
Even the cats won't go out.

Tueps: looking forward to cycling again tomorrow.

DailySharePro: received another payment today.

ACX: requested payout is... pending still.

Have my eye on two new programs.
One is a high risk HYIP that should be opening soon.
The other a longer term cycler. Should be fun too.
Will let you know when they're ready for us :)


Anonymous said...

are you ok you did not do monday ???
going to have to come out to see you
you know i came home form wok and ck your site. its cold in mi too - 15 and 30 below wind

ok have to go to work stay safe

jay z

blondie said...

Funny you mentioned that Jay.
I intentionally did not post yesterday. Why? Because I wanted to break of streak and not feel obligated to post daily.
Now since I did, I feel better.
Hope you have a good day :)