Thursday, January 2, 2014

Much Better Day Today

Today is going better than yesterday... so far.
I actually slept last night so that's a big plus.

Tueps: has a new write-up on the main page which makes more sense re: how to play and earn. It's pretty simple and sometimes simple is better.
We did cycle on schedule last night and looking forward to another on Friday.
Am happy to report that two of my referrals took the plunge and bought themselves a position. Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

Later in the day, received my first payout:
You have successfully received money from a registered SolidTrust Pay member! Please be sure to keep this email as your receipt.
  • From STPay member: tueps (
  • Transaction Number: 3000111xxxx
  • Amount: $52
  • Currency: US
Thanks a lot Admin :)

DailySharePro: 1.2% for today. Don't forget to surf.

ACX: was shocked this morning when my withdrawal request actually went through. Now... will I receive it? I sure hope so. Those Christmas bills are rolling in as we speak.

Since Pnenow redirects to Tueps, I guess it's time to remove the banner from my side bar. Bye Bye.

I hope to have a replacement for it soon though ;)


Holy crap... I nailed it!
Or maybe Billy Joel read my blog and said "yeah, that's the song I should do." lol

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