Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cold, Snowy and Selective

Sometimes I hate logging in and reading what went on overnight. Looks like ProfitWinter is on it's last legs.
I sure wanted that one to go the extra mile but rumor has it that it's selective paying already. Dang it!
Well, players who only cash out and don't re-spend can ruin it quickly. I'm sure there's other factors but that's probably the main one.
Remind me to make this my last 'hyip'. It's just not worth it.
PS, if your plan has expired, try to cash out to break even at least. Better than losing and you may have a good chance of getting it. That's my suggestion for what it's worth. No promises. Good luck.

Tueps: we did cycle last night and I made my first re-purchase before that. After cycling I had $20 in my account balance so decided to request a cash out today. Thanks in advance Admin.

DailySharePro: 1.2% for the day and another smooth surf.

ACX: going to check now...
Payment pending for 114 hours.
Can't request another... Daily Limit Reached.
Just the facts.


RJ said...

$36.00 310hours Pending
$32.00 212hours Pending

They will do a shift soon and cancel those as usual

blondie said...

Over 300 hours! :0
Wow, I think that's a record.
Not a good one, but a record.
Yes, a shift could be close by which would really stink big time!
Good Luck

dr.capoon said...

Could you be more specific ?
Remind me to make this my last 'hyip'.

What are we going to do in that case?

blondie said...

Oh that just meant something that pays more than what STP (for instance) will allow.
These programs can be rewarding but if it's too much, too soon, then it's too risky.

xox-Missi Mi-xox said...

Looks like I wont be playing in Tueps unless STP decide to reply. Seems I opened an STP account once upon a time and I inadvertently got my account suspended trying to reset passwords :-( .. Ive emailed their support twice this week with no reply. Oh well... heres hoping a solution comes sooner rather than later.

Keep smiling :-)

blondie said...

Oh that's a shame Missi.
Hope you can get it worked out soon. But I don't think there's a big hurry for Tueps. As long as it keeps growing slowly, it could be around for a long time.
Cheers :)