Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday Snow

What's new?
Snowed here last night and still snowing.
Too bad that jackass that stole the car didn't do it today. Would have been much easier to track his snow footprints, lol

Tueps: cycled for the 10th time last night which now equals $4.00 per position earnings. Glad to see the member count growing slowly too :)

DailySharePro: requested payout today which should be paid by tomorrow. Nice to see a 'long term' program actually last long term.

ACX: did you hear...
ACX is doing 24-48 hour payouts! (roll eyes)

You know, some people really think we're all stupid.
Just got a spam that said "Kindly Open the Attachment".
My thought... kindly bite my ass.
Night Night


RJ said...

Hi Blondie,

Waiting now for 72 hours pending ,they will never pay to members that are in profit, that is what it looks like to me, a real scam, feel sorry for anybody putting money in there.

blondie said...

Let us know if you get paid. Of course I'll post when and if I get paid too.
Good Luck!

RJ said...

I have made more money in JBP at its peak than any other program by a long way, but seems a waste of time now since PC now AXS ,probably the same people have taken it over, Fred start another program please on your own,I wish LOL
most of 2013 was no good, hopefully 2014 will get us back to the good old days

blondie said...

Oh I did great in JBP also.
I miss the "old days" as do most.
Fred may still be involved, we really don't know the details.
Sure wish things would work as they did then. (sigh)