Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Profit Winter Officially Open

Profit Winter officially opened a few minutes ago.
Once they have their banner code ready, I'll add them to my side bar.
When you check the "Plans", you'll see we've done this before and I hope you remember how to play to win while being supportive ;)
I made two spends myself with the majority being in the 2 day plan.
The program did open on the first day of winter, Dec. 21 and has been quietly running and paying the entire time. So it's off to a good start and ready for some promotion now.
Accepts: EgoPay, Perfect Money and four others.

I'll be back with more details later.

Tueps: will be cycling 2% again tonight.
You know, 6% weekly is not that shabby. Also looking forward to the 51st day when it will be 8% weekly. Then after day 101 it will be 10% weekly. Works for me.

DailySharePro: is having it's Two Month Anniversary today and paid us another 1.4%. Congrats Admin on a good plan. Looking forward to many more months with DSP!


Henry said...

I hope you're managing to stay warm (and the kitties) during your horrible winter...It's on our TV's all the time in the old country. Invested in Winter and hope it helps to keep you warm



blondie said...

Hi Henry,
Yes it sure has been cold out there. A little better the past 2 days but have another cold front coming our way :(

Thanks for RC in Winter. Yep, might just buy me a new blanket with it, lol

Hugs :)

Henry said...

...or at least a pouch of cat food...just take care, it looks awful over there.


blondie said...

Yeah that's more like it, lol

I'm just praying that my furnace doesn't die. It's been making funny noises lately. Fingers crossed.

Stay warm Henry!

RJ said...

$36.00 167hours Pending STP

EgoPay $32.00 69hours Pending
Glad you got paid Blondie,I never will.

blondie said...

Oh that's way too long RJ.
I'm not anyone special or a monitor so was surprised that I got paid when I did.
Hope you see yours soon!
Thanks for the update.
I've got 2 more days of surfing there before I can try again.
Good Luck!