Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year - It's Official Now

I didn't stay up last night to watch Billy Joel after the Midnight celebration in New York. Did anybody hear what song he did? Am curious.
Feeling tired. Maybe I should take a day off after doing those 365 blog posts last year, lol

- why do people keep spamming me in different languages?
- how do I get on "lists" that I never joined?
- why are there so many crooks on the net trying to steal information and money?
- how can they say Obama Care health insurance is 'affordable for everyone' when it costs more than I make per month?
- why is my cat black and why do I have a headache? (no, not the obvious. I did not party last night)
- how is there hail coming down now while the sun is shining?
Well, none of those questions may ever be answered.

OK, where was I...

Tueps: cycling again tonight so looking forward to that.

Pnenow site is redirecting to Tueps now.

DailySharePro: another 1.3% today. We're on a roll.

ACX: I should have enough for a cash out after surfing later today. But what are the chances that it will go through without the "Daily Limit Reached" message? Even if it does, what are the chances that it won't be "cancelled"?

Oh well, The Beatles don't think I need that money anyway.

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